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Yaskawa Inverter J1000 Series



1.Complete Reliability

No trouble starting heavy loads
Fully automatic torque boost across the entire speed range provides whenever needed: starting the application up, during constant speed, and when  slowing down or speeding up.
A Heavy Duty setting is capable of 100 % rated torque at 1.5 Hz, and 150% rated torque at 3 Hz.

* Impressive Torque

* Fully automatic torque boost effective across the entire speed range

Even in the same application,motor torque varies with changing load conditions.Yaskawa's Torque Compensation function automatically adjusts the voltage to provide just the right torque needed for optimum performance. J1000 calculates the voltage required to maintain torque not only during constant speed, but also when accelerating the motor.

Continuous operation even during changes to the load and power loss. Stall Prevention maintains stable motor operation without stall. J1000 can start a coasting motor without the use of extraneous speed sensors, thanks to Speech Search and Momentary Power Loss Ride-Thru functions. This keeps the application running continuously and smoothly.


2. Easier than ever to use

Less maintenance. Yaskawa drives have a built-in maintainence timers that keeps track of component performance, including  capacitors,inrush relays,IGBTS, and the cooling fans .This ensures maximum performance life of drives. The cooling fan is also designed for quick replacement:both detachable and easily accessible from the top of the drive.