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Panasonic Servo System A4 Series

MINAS A4 High Speed & Functionality Servo

MINAS-A4 Series with wide output range from 50W to 5kW, are the high speed, high functionality AC servo drivers and motors. Thanks to the adoption of a new powerful CPU, A4 Series now realize velocity response frequency of 1kHz, and contribute to the development of a high-speed machine and drastic shortening of tact-time.

Standard line-up includes full-closed control and auto-gain tuning function and the motors with 2500P/r incremental encoder and 17-bit absolute/incremental encoder. A4 Series have also improved the user-friendliness by offering a console (option) which enables you to monitor the rotational speed display, set up parameters, trial run (JOG running) and copy parameters.

Panasonic MINAS A4 Series Servo Drives Motors Distributors
MINAS A4 Series

Rated Output of Motor Power Input of Drive
1 Phase AC 100-115V 1 Phase AC 200-240V 1 or 3 Phase AC 200-240V 3 Phase AC 200-230V
50 W A MADDT1105N A MADDT1205N        
100 W A MADDT1107N        
200 W B MBDDT2110N A MADDT1207N        
400 W C MCDDT3120N B MBDDT2210N        
750 W         C MCDDT3520N    
1 kw to 1.5 kW         D MDDDT5540N    
2 kW             E MEDDT7364N
3 kW             F MFDDTA390N
4 k to 5 kW             F MFDDTB3A2N
7.5 kW             G MGDDTC3B4N
Upper: Frame size
Lower: Typical model No. (Depending on combination with motor)