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Omron PLC CPM1A Series


Compact PLC series


Setting a standard for micro PLCs, the CPM1A packs all basic functions into a compact size. Four CPU sizes are available, each with a choice of AC or DC power, relay or transistor outputs. Select any combination of power supply, output, and the number of I/O points to meet your needs.

Space-saving Integration for Compact machines and Small-scale Control cabinets

Ultracompact Size

Ten-I/O-point AC models measure only 90 mm x 66 mm x 70 mm (H x W x D), and contain all basic PLC functions.

A Wide Variety of Models Handling from 10 to 100 I/O Points

By combining CPU Units having from 10 to 40 I/O points with 20-I/O-point Expansion I/O Units, CPM1A PLCs can be configured for 10 to 100 I/O points.

Programming by Programmable Terminal

Use of the optional Communications Adapter (RS-232C or RS-422 conversion) enables fast Host Link or NT Link communications with an OMRON Programmable Terminal. This makes it possible to program the CPM1A on the PT screen, greatly simplifying maintenance tasks.

High-speed Processing

Processing is fast, e.g., 0.7-μs AND LD / OR LD and 16.3-μs MOV instructions, allowing high-speed execution of even lengthy programs. Integrated interrupt and pulse catch inputs also handle high-speed pulses that occur within one program cycle.

Versatile Functions in a Compact Body

A large program capacity and instruction list handle even complicated control tasks with ease. 
• User memory: 2,048 words 
• Data memory: 1,024 words 
• Timer/counter: 128 points 
• Basic instructions: 14 types 
• Application instructions: 79 types 
• Analog setting dials: 2 points (built-in)

Pulse Output

CPM1A CPU models with transistor outputs can output pulses with a maximum frequency of 2 kHz. Combining these models with a Stepping Motor Driver or Servo Driver enables easy positioning operation.

CPU Units

Name Power supply Output method Input points Output points Model
AC power supply Relay output 6 points 4 points CPM1A-10CDR-A-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-10CDT-A-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-10CDT1-A-V1
DC power supply Relay output CPM1A-10CDR-D-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-10CDT-D-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-10CDT1-D-V1
AC power supply Relay output 12 points 8 points CPM1A-20CDR-A-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-20CDT-A-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-20CDT1-A-V1
DC power supply Relay output CPM1A-20CDR-D-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-20CDT-D-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-20CDT1-D-V1
AC power supply Relay output 18 points 12 points CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-30CDT-A-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-30CDT1-A-V1
DC power supply Relay output CPM1A-30CDR-D-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-30CDT-D-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-30CDT1-D-V1
AC power supply Relay output 24 points 16 points CPM1A-40CDR-A-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-40CDT-A-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-40CDT1-A-V1
DC power supply Relay output CPM1A-40CDR-D-V1
Transistor output (sink type) CPM1A-40CDT-D-V1
Transistor output (source type) CPM1A-40CDT1-D-V1

Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units

Unit Input/Output type Inputs Outputs Model
Expansion I/O Units Relay 24 16 CPM1A-40EDR
Transistor (sinking) CPM1A-40EDT
Transistor (sourcing) CPM1A-40EDT1
Relay 12 8 CPM1A-20EDR1
Transistor (sinking) CPM1A-20EDT
Transistor (sourcing) CPM1A-20EDT1
--- 8 --- CPM1A-8ED
Relay --- 8 CPM1A-8ER
Transistor (sinking) --- 8 CPM1A-8ET
Transistor (sourcing) CPM1A-8ET1
Analog I/O Unit Analog 
(resolution: 1/256)
2 1 CPM1A-MAD01
resolution: 1/6000)
2 1 CPM1A-MAD11
resolution: 1/6000)
4 --- CPM1A-AD041
(resolution: 1/6000)
--- 4 CPM1A-DA041
DeviceNet I/O Link 
--- I/O Link of 32 input bits and 32 output bits CPM1A-DRT21
I/O Link Unit
--- I/O Link of 16 input bits and 16 output bits CPM1A-PRT21
CompoBus/S I/O 
Link Unit
--- I/O Link of 8 input bits and 8 output bits CPM1A-SRT21
Temperature Sensor 
2 thermocouple inputs CPM1A-TS001
4 thermocouple inputs CPM1A-TS002
2 platinum resistance thermometer inputs CPM1A-TS101
4 platinum resistance thermometer inputs CPM1A-TS102
2 Platinum resistance thermometer inputs 
(-40 to 250 °C) and one output (-10 to 10V, 4 to 20 mA)

RS-232C Adapter, RS-422 Adapter, Connecting Cable, Link Adapter

Name Function Model
RS-232C Adapter Converts peripheral port levels. CPM1-CIF01
RS-422 Adapter CPM1-CIF11
Connecting Cable 3.3-m cable used to connect IBM PC/AT or compatible 
personal computers.
Link Adapter Converts RS-232C and RS-422 levels. 3G2A9-AL004-E

Programming Consoles and Cables

Product Model
Programming Console (2-m cable attached) CQM1-PRO01-E
Programming Console (Requires separate cable. See below.) C200H-PRO27-E
Connecting Cable for C200H-PRO27-E 2-m cable C200H-CN222
4-m cable C200H-CN422

Support Software

Product Functions Model
CX-One Omron's integrated software for programming and configuration of all control 
system components, 
including PLCs, HMI, drives, temperature controllers and advanced sensors.

*1 [][] = Number of licenses (01, 03, 10)

Product Model
Expansion Memory Unit CPM1-EMU01-V1

Power Supply Unit

Unit Input Output Model
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC 24 V DC/600 mA CPM2C-PA201