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Omron PLC CS1 Series


CS1G, CS1H Overview


From Machine Control to Information Management Multiple-application Controllers with a Wide Range of Functions

High Performance
Ultimate Controller Performance

In order to create facilities that have the production capability to withstand sudden changes in demand, or to create machinery that is easily distinguished from that created by market competitors, a top-speed controller that can deliver the performance required to support these needs is required. The CS1 PLCs have been equipped with the highest I/O responsiveness and data control functionality to significantly reduce processing time and to control machinery movement with greater precision.

Human Efficiency
User-friendly Development Environment

In order to allow easier development of complex programs, bin addition to an integrated Windows-based development environment, the new PLCs are equipped with a variety of instructions. Structured programming functionality has been improved to allow programs to be reused with greater efficiency and thereby reduce labor requirements and cut costs.

Efficient Use of Valuable Assets

The know-how that our customers have accumulated through the years forms the core of their competitive strength. At OMRON, we believe in enhancing this knowhow to the utmost. The key to doing this is 100% upward compatibility. CS1 PLCs allow existing Units and programs to be used without any changes.


CS1D Overview


Redundant CPU Units, Power Supply Units, Communications Units, and Expansion I/O Cables

With the CS1D, you can select from a variety of redundant systems.

In addition to duplexed CPU Units and Power Supply Units, the customer can duplex other components, such as Communications Units (Controller Link or Ethernet) and Expansion Cables, to match the system requirements and provide a diverse range of duplex system configurations.

The CS1D supports a variety of network configurations.

Ethernet can be duplexed as well as Controller Link, which both have a proven track record in FA applications.
In addition, a variety of networks are available for lower-level I/O, including DeviceNet, CompoNet, and the MECHATROLINK-II Motion Controller network. Both DeviceNet and CompoNet are open networks that boast a proven track record with the CS1 Series.

With the CS1D, a highly reliable system can be introduced easily.

Of course, the standard CS-series PLC resources can be used as-is, and a CS1D Duplex System can be set up and used easily, even by users setting up a duplex system for the first time.

Duplexing CPU Units is Easy!

In OMRON's proprietary hot-standby method, all data is shared simultaneously.

  • If an error occurs in the active CPU Unit, a switching program is not needed in the standby CPU Unit!
  • CPU Unit operation switches smoothly. Switching time is short, so operation can continue without bumps.